AGAM is NOT a High Yield Investment Opportunity
AGAM IS a Fully Registered Investment Firm

Business Authorizations And Declarations

Investment License to Operate 2016-2017

Investment fund A.G.A.M. has an enhanced financial license to conduct a number of basic financial activities. This license is issued by the regulator of Cape Verde (Commercial and Automobile Conservatory of Registration of Praia) and renewed annually.If necessary, everyone can see the license and verify its authenticity. It is available online on the official website of the State Chamber of commercial Cape Verde registers. All issued licenses and permits are published there, without fail. With this license, the company can work with foreign currencies such as the Euro and the US Dollar, which clearly advantageous to work with the United States, Brazil, China and India.


DeNIF Declaration 2016-2017+

Declaration De Nif, which is an identification number on the account statement of the company in the financial institutions. This is actually a tax payer number. Atlantic Global Asset Management S.A. like all large investment companies, according to the requirements of the legislation of Cape Verde, is the subject of annual audit. The relevant government authorities check all the financial statements of the company.

Letter to auditors of AGAM 2016-2017

In addition to inspections of financial services, the company has its own inspecting auditor. The auditor conducts a full accounting and control of all the accounts of the company, as well as monitoring the economic activities and accounting organization. The auditor shall issue a special letter, which is transmitted to the financial authorities. It has the report that the auditor is responsible for monitoring of the economic and financial activities of the Fund A.G.A.M. before the financial authorities.