AGAM is NOT a High Yield Investment Opportunity
AGAM IS a Fully Registered Investment Firm

Meet Questra World's CEO



José Manuel Gilabert is the CEO of Questra World. He is a professional with 23 years of experience operating and managing large companies on top management positions. Since 1993, he participated in the creation and development of over 16 major European and American companies including his own, such as JM Gilaber Bautista, Canned Vegetables Factory, Union Brothers, Hispania Ibericam Foods, Pegasus Corporation, Proindes Films, Chile West Group, Premium Trading International, and many others. He is Master of business administration and financial management, an aristocrat, businessman and philanthropist. He speaks fluently on 4 languages.
The first type of income for the bonus program is the percentage of return on sales of products of investment fund Atlantic Global Asset Management
Bonus program consists of 11 levels or stages of career, climbing on which you will receive not only a new position, but also will increase your rate of return on sales of the company's products.
Going through the levels depends on the volume of sales of you and your whole structure. Level 1 is the beginner. The agent receives this level after entering into the formal agreement of partnership. In order to go to the 2nd level you need make sales of 3000 euro, on yourself or together with your structure. To go to the 3rd level the sales should get to 21 000 euro, and so on up to level 11 "Super Director" with sales of 100 million €.
Suppose, after working for 3-4 months, you have become a Golden agent of 4th level with a percentage of 10.5% of the agent returns. You sold to your client the Red portfolio worth 7,290 €. According to your 4th level, and your rate of return 10.5%, your earned income will be 765 €. The bigger your sales volume and the higher your level, the more you earn.