AGAM is NOT a High Yield Investment Opportunity
AGAM IS a Fully Registered Investment Firm

Bonus Program

Bonus program consists of 11 levels or career stages, rising them up you will get not only new position but also extra valuable bonuses which increase your average monthly income.

The 1st Level – newcomer, the agent receives when having become the client of the company and concluded with it a formal partnership agreement. In order to move to the 2nd level, you need by yourself via Directly Sponsored or together with their structure to make sales regardless of the time of 3,000 €. To move to the 3rd level - 25,000 €, and so on up to the 11th level.

Starting with the sales volume of 25,000 €, the Agents of the holding begin to receive additional cash bonuses. Bonus program is not attached to the level and is totally dependent on the sales volume of the agent and his structure. After achieving the sales volume of 25,000 €, the agent both personally and together with his structure gets monetary remuneration of 1,000 QP. With the sales volume of 50,000 € - bonus 2,000 QP, 100,000 € - bonus 5,000 QP, and so on up to a volume of 100,000,000 € with the monetary bonus 1 000 000 QP.

Reached the 12th level – "President" with a total amount of €300,000,000, the President is awarded with a private real estate in Dubai valued at €1,000,000 in one of the most expensive and exclusive areas of the city. Own apartment in Dubai is a complete, private apartment, donated by the company Questra World to its President of the 12th level, in which the President can enjoy a luxury life. If desired, the President can sell his own apartment, and to spend proceeds at his discretion. The President can simply rent out the bonus apartment and to get a permanent passive income, while living and enjoying life in the place where he wants

Reached the last 13th level – "Honorary President" with a total amount of €1,000,000,000, the Honorary President is awarded with a private comfortable yacht valued at more than €1,000,000. Private yacht - it is prestigious, it is a kaleidoscope of new scenes and healthy and positive lifestyle. You'll be mobile feeling complete freedom and independence, because your own yacht is the choice of successful, romantic, individual; and self-confident people, which is part of the company Questra World.

If you are on the second level Bronze agent with a volume of 24,000 € and your partner sold two investors portfolios "Black" in the amount of 43,740 € , you will still be credited with 50% of the required volume of 25,000 QP or 12,500 QP. You will move on the 3rd level of the career ladder and get the title - Silver agent and a bonus 1,000 QP.

To get a bonus 2,000 QP under the sales volume 50,000 € the following conditions shall be met:

  • The total sales volume shall be equal or exceed the amount of 50,000 €.
  • One agent can not be credited with more than 50% of the necessary sales volume or 25,000 €.


In this case, your total sales volume will amount 67,740 € and you will move to the next level Golden agent, but the conditions of the bonus will not be completed as from the agent who sold two black portfolios "Black" in the amount of 43,740 €, it will be credited 25,000 QP. Thus to receive the bonus the considered sales volume will be 49,000 €. To receive the bonus 2,000 QP you are missing 1,000 €. This 1,000 € can be taken into account from your new sales or the sales of the other agents.