AGAM is NOT a High Yield Investment Opportunity
AGAM IS a Fully Registered Investment Firm


What are AGAM’s Activities?

In accordance with the legislation of Cape Verde, financial license of investment fund Atlantic Global Asset Management authorizes and regulates the following activities:
  • Asset Management
  • Trust Management
  • Payment Services
  • Trade and Organization of deals with assets
  • Investment fund activities
In the company the Asset management is being carried out by a team of qualified brokers who for many years used a reliable, effective and time-tested investment strategies using a wide range of financial instruments and established strict risk management procedures.
Where AGAM makes money
The revenues come from 4 main spheres:
  1. Placement of securities.
  2. Refinancing of companies that lost their capital, for whatever reasons. Analysts of A.G.A.M. look for well-functioning companies on the market that do not have the required amount of money for their further functioning and growth. We analyze the economic situation and look for new sources of funding. Refinancing is the main form of income for investment banks and funds around the world.
  3. Financial factoring. Having a trading contract with a real physical goods, and taking a pledge shipping documents, A.G.A.M. guarantees, speaking as a third party, the commission payments. In this case, the fund is a financial intermediary, earning a good profit without risk, because without documents of the fund the goods are not released.
  4. Organization and carrying out of IPO. Atlantic Global Asset Management investment fund buys shares of the companies before they get to the IPO, as well as invest in the purchase of promising companies, followed by IPO. The company earns on the difference between the stock price, which is paid to the IPO, and the price, which is set at the time of the start of trading.
Investment conditions
Atlantic Global Asset Management fund is working not only with major clients from one million euro, but offers its services for any type of client with different levels of capital. Principle of operation and unique business model of A.G.A.M. lies in the fact that customers’ funds are added and formed into one large pool. A big pool of funds is controlled easily. It is also easy to find thousands of investors with different types of capital starting from 100 €.
Company’s product: Investment portfolio
For investors of the different categories Atlantic Global Asset Management fund has prepared various investment products from 90 to 500,000 €.
Anyone can make money with A.G.A.M. All is need to be done is to sign a contract and buy the investment portfolio.