AGAM is NOT a High Yield Investment Opportunity
AGAM IS a Fully Registered Investment Firm


What are AGAM's Activities?

In accordance with the legislation of Cape Verde, financial license of investment fund Atlantic Global Asset Management authorizes and regulates the following activities:
We purchase the innovations and financial technologies from promising startups from all over the world. Special attention is paid to Asian and developing markets because this is where technology breakthroughs take place.

Work with successful companies and startups: asset management, support in preparation for ICO, consulting on financial management.

Support of innovations: implementing the financial technologies, investments and potentially successful startups, transition from traditional payment means to modern ones.

Active work with all popular crypto currencies of the world, application of Blockchain technologies.

Effective management by means of maximum application of technologies: our advanced system of personal account management helps to perform all necessary transactions online and this does not require significant human resources, and that`s how we are minimizing expenses and increasing profit.

In summary, Atlantic Global Asset Management joint-stock investment fund is a company which deals with investments, capital and asset management, preparation of companies for IPO and as well develops fintech-directions.