AGAM is NOT a High Yield Investment Opportunity
AGAM IS a Fully Registered Investment Firm

List of Steps to Complete

Step 1 – Sign Up *Use the link from the person who gave you this page

Step 2 – Complete Profile *Place FULL NAME where it asks for Nickname

Step 3 – Fund Account (You DO NOT need to be Verified to Deposit/Earn) *Best to do this Monday - Friday

Step 4 – Purchase Investment Packages *The packages will not start earning until the 1st Full Monday

Step 5 – Start your Verification Process. This process may take several days for the office to verify your Account.

Step 6 – Receive Interest *Posted on Fridays to your account

Step 7 – Purchase more Investments or Withdraw *ONLY Roll Up/Up Grade Saturday/Sunday

Step 8 – Roll Up/Up Grade *If you have 3 packages that are the same color to Save $$$

Step 9 – Refer people and Earn Commissions *You do not have to Recruit to Earn