AGAM is NOT a High Yield Investment Opportunity
AGAM IS a Fully Registered Investment Firm

How to sign up in Questra/AGAM

1 Click on the Referral Link that was provided to you.

2 Fill in your Cell Phone Number using only country code, area code and the number without zeros in front and no dashes or special characters.
For Example:

My Friend's number in USA looks like this: +1 (732) 968-0000

In USA the Country Code is +1

Area code in this example is 732

and the number within the area code is 9680000

You place the number like this into the slot 17329680000

3 Enter your E-mail Address.
G-mail email is highly recommended!

4 Click on REGISTER.
A new screen will appear.

5 Look at your Cell Phone.
You will receive a code on your phone.
Save that code as it is your password.

*PLEASE NOTE: "ID for your agent" shows up automatically when you use your sponsor's link.

6 From your PC, Choose either Personal or Corporate account.

Please NOTE: A Corporate Account starts with a Minimum of 100,000 €.

7 Enter your First Name.

8 Enter your Last Name.

9 Enter that code from your phone into Password (from SMS).


Once the Password is accepted, you will be logged into your back office on the DASHBOARD page.

Please NOTE: If you forgot the code on the phone or erased it ...RELAX just click on "Forgot your Password" where you would sign in.