AGAM is NOT a High Yield Investment Opportunity
AGAM IS a Fully Registered Investment Firm

Risk Disclosure

The purpose of this Statement is to provide overall but perhaps more complete information about the risks associated with the implementation of trade in the financial markets to a wide range of stakeholders, and to warn the Client about possible financial losses associated with these risks. Please note that all the information regarding all of the potential risks may not be disclosed in this notice due to the diversity of possible situations.

The Statement is not comprehensive and does not disclose information about all the risks associated with investing into financial instruments.

  1. Leverage Effect

1.1. Investment activity with financial instruments has a high degree of risk, as it involves transactions with leverage and may result in the loss of not only the expected return from the invested funds, but also to the loss of invested funds.

For the purposes of this Risk Disclosure Statement in the implementation of financial tools shall mean the possibility of an event entailing or capable to lead to a loss of revenue, or loss of client assets invested. Client is responsible for accounting for all the risks, the use of financial resources and the chosen trading strategy.

  1. High volatility of tools

2.1. A number of tools have significant intraday time ranges of price changes, which implies a high probability of both profit and loss trading operations.

  1. Operational risk

3.1. The Client assumes the risk of financial losses caused by the failure of information, communication, electrical, electronic and other systems, or due to errors related to the imperfection of the market infrastructure, including operations technology, management procedures and accounting controls, or due to the actions (or inaction) of the staff.

  1. Market conditions different from normal

4.1. Client acknowledges that market conditions differ from normal and Client orders processing time may increase.

  1. Communication

5.1. The Client assumes the risk of any financial losses caused by the fact that he/she has not received or received with delay any notification from the Company.

5.2. The Client acknowledges that information sent by e-mail (e-mail) in the plaintext is not protected from unauthorized access.

5.3. The Client is solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of information received from the Company, and assumes the risk of any financial losses caused by unauthorized access of third parties to his/her trading account.

  1. Force majeure

6.1. In case of force majeure, the Client assumes financial loss risks.

  1. The prohibitions and restrictions imposed by legislation

7.1. The Client assumes financial and other risks in the case where the execution of operations (and related actions) of the financial markets is limited or prohibited by the legislation of the country of the Client’s permanent residence.