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INTERNET SAFETY - How does your account get hacked?

1. When people leave their equipment attached to the internet without protection - most all phones/ipads/tablets are NOT protected unless you added protection all information on them is free for the taking.

2. When people use the same password for all programs or weak passwords - I know a person who's all payment processors were robbed because he used the same password for everything .... the hackers just went to all payment processors and collected all his funds.

3. When they type in the password (Always POINT and CLICK - nothing to trace - I use LastPass to make secure passwords

4. When people do not clean their machines (cookies, history, cache etc...) I clean my daily - after all I am on the internet daily – I run 3 different free programs daily sometimes 4 programs (I personally use CCleaner, Glary Utilities, SUPERAntiSpyware, System Mechanic – All Free Editions so no money is spent!)

5. Hackers are able to come onto your machine when you download, stream an image, movie anything and you can't see them they place sleeper programs on your machine that wake up sometime in the future. The only safe machine is one that has NEVER been connected to the internet.

6. When you have a lot of tabs open on your browser (I have seen people's browser with so many tabs open they couldn't find what they were looking for) the more tabs you have open the weaker your security gets.

7. When you do not keep your programs updated - especially your protection software. Keep your software updated!

8. When people do not do a clean install - meaning have the machine totally erased and all programs reloaded like a new machine - depends on usage heavy user needs to have this done at least once every 6 months, a light user needs to have this done once a year.

9. Use public internet or open Wi-Fi - Wi-Fi is the easiest way to hack - anyone can steal the signal.

10. If you sign into a website - YOU MUST sign out - I see so many people just click the 'X' at the top right corner - when you do that it leaves the door wide open for hackers - you might as well hang an open for hacking sign on your equipment.

11. Some people go to the extreme of installing an anti-key logging software also.

These are just a few ways.....there are more