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Questra World Spring Vacation in
Dubai (UAE) March 26-31, 2017

The grandiose event of Questra World "The Questra World Spring Vacation" was in March 26-31, 2017 in Dubai.
300 directors of the company, investors and partners from 36 countries took part in this event. They listened to the presentation of the management of Questra World about development plans and new activities, participated in informal communication with successful people who managed to achieve impressive results together with the company, to head offices in their cities and countries.
The guests spent a luxurious vacation, staying in one of the best hotels in Dubai, "Atlantis The Palm". The program was full of fun and exciting excursions to the amazing sights of Dubai - Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Ferrari Park, etc.
Because of the huge interest in the world, expected by this event, the company conducted a live broadcast from Dubai on the promotional site: with the official hashtag #QuestraDubaiLive

Dear Directors of Questra World!

We are pleased to announce completion of the promotion “Winter Holidays with Questra World”.

Congratulations to the winners! Everybody, who met necessary requirements for acquiring qualification and performed personal amount of work according to the terms and conditions of the promotion, will go to the international conference in the United Arab Emirates – Dubai, free of charge, it will take place during the period from March 26 to March 31, 2017 at one of the best business hotels of the city.

Everybody, who met necessary requirements for acquiring qualification faster than other participants, has already submitted their documents for the trip, and we recommend to those, who has just met requirements for acquiring the qualification, to hurry up to be on time and to go to the Winter Holidays with Questra World for sure.

In order to explain terms and conditions of the promotion and the event program and suggest you how to organize your trip better, within days the special department of our company will contact each promotion participant by phone, and send all necessary information to your mail, it will help you to figure everything out. That is why, dear directors, will you, please, check if you have correct telephone numbers and email in your personal accounts.

Full details and the list of the participants and opportunity to pay for the existing tickets for the trip to the international conference in Dubai will be available within the next 7 days.

Congratulations and thank you for your cooperation.

Best Regards, Questra World