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Questra World Online Training
Conference July 19, 2017

Online broadcasting in English:


Online broadcasting in German (deutsche Übersetzung):


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Hello Dear Partners of Questra World,

We inform you about the online conference on Wednesday, July 19, 2017, at 12:00 in Madrid, which will be attended by Atlantic Global Asset Management president Antonino Vieira Robalo.

At the conference you’ll get to know the latest news about the company, the strategy of future development and a lot more.

This conference will be held in three languages: English, German and Russian.

Conference date: Conference date: the 19th of July 2017;

Conference time:

  • London - 11.00.
  • Madrid- 12.00;
  • Berlin - 12.00;
  • Moscow - 13.00;
  • Astana - 16.00;
  • Hanoi - 17.00;
  • Beijing - 18.00;