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Questra World Leadership Training in
Munich – February 18 - 19, 2017

Dear Partners!

We are pleased to inform you that Questra World have prepared a unique training event for its partners - Leadership. As a part of event, a training program and professional training from the best management and sales trainers awaits the Questra World partners.

Event: Leadership;

Venue: BMW Welt. 1 Am Olympiapark, Munich, Germany;

Event Dates: February 18 - 19, 2017;

Seating capacity: 500;

Participation cost: 50 QP;


  • Presentation and news from Questra World CEO José Manuel Gilabert;
  • Trainings and master classes from the best speakers millionaires.

Time schedule:

  • February 18 (Saturday) - Registration 12:00, Opening 13:00; Ending 19:00
  • February 19 (Sunday) - Registration 12:00, Opening 13:00; Completion 19:00, Ending 19:00.


The attendance of training event “Leadership” is obligatory for all agents of Questra World from the 4th level and higher that have received an invitation in their personal accounts. The attendance of “Leadership” for agents of the 2nd and the 3rd levels is not obligatory but the directorate of an advertising broker of Questra World recommends their agents to attend training believing that the future results of agents are directly depended on their level of training and knowledge.

Dear clients of Questra World! We remind you the obligatory dress code for the Leadership.

  • Men’s Dress Code: tuxedo, suit, white shirt, tie, butterfly, brogues.
  • Women’s Dress Code: formal trouser suit, business dress, classic shoes, jewelry is acceptable and no furs.

Arrival – precisely, on time, without delay.


Questra World

Dear Partners,

We are pleased to inform you that due to the fact that tickets for a unique training event of "Leadership" in Germany in the Munich city, were sold out and with a big agiotage, and with an accordance with numerous requests of our agents to make more tickets, advertising broker Questra World decided to grant the request and present an additional 100 tickets for the "Leadership" in Munich.

Advertising broker Questra World always takes care of its partners and always ready to make a compromise. Dear friends, we remind you the conditions of the event:

  • Event: Leadership;
  • Location: BMW Welt. 1 Am Olympiapark, Munich, Germany;
  • Dates: February 18 - 19, 2017;
  • Capacity: 600 people;
  • The cost of the event: 50 QP.


Questra World