Five Winds is NOT a High Yield Investment Opportunity
Five Winds IS a Fully Registered Investment Firm

How To Read Your
Five Winds Dashboard

This is how to read the top of your Dashboard page. Please note that all amounts will keep on changing.

1 Available Balance - This balance is not big enough to purchase the minimum package. The Available Balance may be withdrawn as long as you have ONE active investment package. This amount always grows when you transfer Points into your Five Winds account or you add funds to your account. It will decrease when you purchase, transfer or withdraw funds.

2 Amount In - Total Funds that are brought into the account from outside payment processors. Total Funds will always grow as you deposit funds from outside sources.

3 Amount Out - Total amount withdrawn or transferred out from your account. The total will always grow as you withdraw or transfer funds out of your account.

4 Amount Blocked - This is the amount on Hold, your earnings from standard packages. This amount will increase as your standard packages earn for 365 days and will decrease when your standard packages mature, releasing the funds.

5 Amount Invested - This is the total amount earning for your investment account for this week. This amount will increase as you purchase additional packages and decrease as your packages mature.