Five Winds is NOT a High Yield Investment Opportunity
Five Winds IS a Fully Registered Investment Firm

How To Purchase Your
First Package in Five Winds

Please Note: When you purchase ANY package you will receive the interest weekly If you pick any package other than Standard, or at the end of the 365 day Term, you DO NOT receive the Principle back at the end of the Term. Be aware that this is an investment and there is financial risk in all that you do on the internet. For more information see the Risk Disclosure section.

1 Log into Five Winds.

2 When enough funds are in your account, you are now ready to purchase your first Investment Package.

3 Scroll down to where you see the packages, and click Buy on the package that you want to purchase.

4 A Pop up for your Purchase of Investment Package will appear. Are you sure to continue? If so click Purchase, if not click Cancel.

5 After you click on Purchase, your package will appear on your Dashboard page. Your package is good for 365 days from date of purchase. Unless you roll it up into a larger package, then the new date will be from 365 days from the date of roll up.