Five Winds is NOT a High Yield Investment Opportunity
Five Winds IS a Fully Registered Investment Firm

Filling out your Five Winds
Profile Page (Mandatory)

On the Left Side of your screen, click on PROFILE
(Please Note: Any Line that is grey, you can't change)

1 Fill in your First Name EXACTLY how it appears on your Government ID, as it will be needed to be Verified.

2 Fill in your Last Name EXACTLY how it appears on your Government ID.

3 Where it says Passport, enter your ID number. Please Note: They do prefer you to use your Passport as an ID.

4 Click on the Calendar Image and do the following:

A. Double click the Header of the Pop-Up to scroll to the YEAR you were born, and click on the year.
B. Scroll through until you see the month appear, and click on the MONTH that you were born.
C. From the picture click the DATE. Now the Date of Birth will show as YYYY-MM-DD format.

5 On the Nationality line, click the arrow on the right to scroll through the list of countries and select your country of Nationality.

6 The Country line is already filled in from your phone number.

7 On the Region line, Type in the County or Providence where you Reside.

8 On the City line, click the drop down arrow on the right and select your City or Town where you reside.

9 On the Other city line, fill in any other City or suburb that is needed for your address where you physically reside.

10 On the Address line, fill in the EXACT house address as it appears on your most recent Utility bill, Bank Statement or you will need a letter from your bank.
(See requirements below)

11 When you fill in Address for Correspondence, it needs to be in the following format:

Country, Providence or State, City or Town, Address

12 On the Postcode for Correspondence, place the postal zip-code.

13 On the Nickname line, put your First and Last Name. (This is the only name that shows up in your sponsor's back office)

14 On the Skype line, fill in your Phone number & Skype ID. This is the ID name that you use to sign into Skype with. (Mandatory)

15 On the Social link line, fill in any other social link of your choice, such as FaceBook, LinkedIn, Telegram, or WhatsAp. (Not Mandatory)

16 Next, Check to see if everything is correct, if not correct it. Click on SAVE CHANGES.

Please Note: Changing Password, changes it for Both QW Lianora Swiss Consulting SA log in and Five Winds Log in.