Five Winds is NOT a High Yield Investment Opportunity
Five Winds IS a Fully Registered Investment Firm

How to sign up in Five Winds

1 Click on the Referral Link that was provided to you.

2 Fill in your Cell Phone Number using only country code, area code and the number without zeros in front and no dashes or special characters.
For Example:

My Friend's number in USA looks like this: +1 (732) 968-0000

In USA the Country Code is +1

Area code in this example is 732

and the number within the area code is 9680000

You place the number like this into the slot 17329680000

3 Enter your E-mail Address.
G-mail email is highly recommended!

4 Click on REGISTER.
A new screen will appear.

5 Look at your Cell Phone.
You will receive a code on your phone.
Save that code as it is your password.

*PLEASE NOTE: "ID for your agent" shows up automatically when you use your sponsor's link.

6 From your PC, Choose either Personal or Corporate account.

Please NOTE: A Corporate Account starts with a Minimum of 100,000 €.

7 Enter your First Name.

8 Enter your Last Name.

9 Enter your Country.

10 Enter that code from your phone into Password (from SMS). Do not delete the message, as you will need it again.


Once the Password is accepted, you will be logged into your back office on the DASHBOARD page.

Please NOTE: If you forgot the code on the phone or erased it ...RELAX just click on "Forgot your Password" where you would sign in. IF you did not receive the SMS code, click on Resend by E-mail.