How to Fill in your Profile Correctly
(Must fill in before Deposit)

1. Click on Personal Information
2. Choose Bitcoin and put in your bitcoin wallet address – Once you save it can ONLY be changed by admin.
3. Name: (put in your first name)
4. Login: (put in your username) it will change your referral link
5. Put in your phone number (Starting with your country code)
6. Save, then you are ready to make a deposit

How to Make a Depost

1. Click on the first icon with the $ sign Open/Replenish Deposit
2. Put in the amount you want to invest, it has the minimum default of $35
3. Click on your payment method (Bitcoin)
4. Click on Submit
5. Then you will be given the Bitcoin wallet address and BTC amount to send
6. Once the transaction is completed and confirmed, the amount will show up on your dashboard under Deposit.
7. You are now invested, nothing more to do

Please Note: The BTC amount MUST match, or it will be rejected. Then it is up to you to check your email to receive refund.

How to ReInvest Total Profit

Daily profit shows up around 9:30 am EST Monday – Friday
Re-investment must be completed by 2pm EST, which is 2am Hong Kong time

1. Click on the second icon with the money image Invest Profit
2. Type in the amount you want to re-invest
3. Click on Re-Invest


How to Purchase Yotacoin

1. Simply click on Yotacoin Link on the left
2. when that page opens up it is the first Icon across the top that looks like 2 fiat currency bills
3. change the amount to purchase or leave it as is
4. click on BUY 

and then it will bring up the confirmation page and you will see that you just have purchased the Yotacoin

How to Withdraw

1. Click on the fourth icon with the wallet image
2. Type in the amount you want to withdraw
3. Click on Submit

It will sent to the account that you filled in on your profile page.

Icon’s on Top row of Yota dashboard

1. Replenish deposit - Make your deposit
2. Invest Profit - Re-Invest your earnings (daily and commissions) min. $ 35
3. Partners - View your downline
4. Shift Profit – Withdraw your earnings/commissions min. $ 35
5. Audit – Reports to view your history
6. Shift deposit – Withdraw your Deposit (Careful with this) To move your Deposit to Total Profit and STOP Earning
7. Testimonials – Typed out
8. Video Testimonials
9. Leave Feedback – Leave a testimony
10. Investment Calculator
11. Advertising - Banners